43% of the children under the age of 14 have to work support and add in come to their poor families . They work 12 hours a day and are paid very little. They have to work to survive. School fees is very high and many families simply cannot afford them.

Our work is currently concentrated on the school building project.  However we are also looking for long-term sponsors for individual children. This will ensure that these children have a good English medium education, which will allow them to escape from the poverty spiral in which most of them are caught.

The monthly amount of the sponsorship is EUR 30 per child up until the 10th year of school. This modest monthly amount covers food, clothing, care, accommodation and schooling for a child.

Once a child has obtained a diploma from an Englishmedium high school,  will have a good chance of succeeding in getting a good job. The costs for elementary schooling and higher education differ widely but are minimal by European standards. We are presently supporting several students who will soon finish their studies in engineering, medicine and economics.

Primary school is mandatory. It starts at age 6 and lasts 5 years. This is followed by 5 years of high school, which ends with an exam for a diploma. After grade 10, children can choose courses at a vocational school to learn a craft (mechanic, nurse etc.) or they can start to study at a university.

At present we are caring for 300 children. 126 of them live in the HELPING HAND Home and the others in the villages nearby. We can justly be proud of what has been achieved so far, however much more needs to be done. There are many more children who need our help.

You can help by becoming a sponsor! EUR 30 per month will ensure a meaningful future for a child.


EUR 30 per month will ensure a meaningful future for a child.