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Education and capacity building for rural youth 
Women’s Empowerment Programs

Most of the rural population in India is poor and uneducated. As a result, many young people are neglected and deprived of their rights to education, health care, family care and affection. Finding employment for rural youth has always been a challenge as they lack necessary skills. As a response to this social situation, the Livelihood Learning Centres of TOUCH initiated training to enable these young people to learn the skill of their choice and find employment.

The central purpose is to enhance the capacity and ability of the rural youth to create their own employment opportunities. Our Centre has structured courses that address the development skills of both boys and girls.

 The courses for girls include providing opportunities with courses in tailoring, embroidery, fashion design and cosmetics for girls and women, with handicraft and domestic skill training for school dropouts.  This program was structured to teach skill development and offer the prospect of financial stability among rural women to augment the family income and share the breadwinner’s role. The women are given leadership training and awareness of Government entitlements and programs which are available for women who are in the Below Poverty Line category.

The course for boys includes electrical, house wiring, motor winding, tailoring and carpentry, plumbing, driving, mobile repairs and other skills.  In addition, communication skills and competence in personal relationships are also addressed.  In order to improve the quality of training at the centres, collaboration with various external institutions has been established.

One such outstanding collaboration was with the Usha International Sewing School, through which more than 60 trainees were able to obtain a recognized certificate after completion of the course. Collaboration with other organisations and companies is being created to help the trainees to make their own washing liquid, soap and soap powders, detergents, candles, paper plates, and many other items.

The goal of the program is to show young people how to work for the betterment of their lives and the villages in which they live.  To teach social responsibility in the youngsters, service camps have been organized in Villages close to the Training Centre.  In addition, the holistic development and well-­being of the trainees is provided through health checks, physical fitness and skill performance.

In order to improve the quality and quantity of this life skill training we are now constructing a permanent Livelihood Learning Centre to support and promote the lives of  uneducated and unemployed youth. The Centre will have an office space, three spacious halls as classrooms, a kitchen and sanitary facilities, with the aim of training at least 600 young people each year and providing permanent employment to 100 impoverished and often destitute women.

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You can see below the progress of the Construction work.