Helping Hand for India was set up as a charitable organization in May 2017 in Pörtschach am Wörthersee. Its main objective is to finance the construction of a school for poor and orphaned children in Vijayawada, Southern India.  Since the association relies on a number of unpaid volunteers among its members and incurs no organizational or administrative costs whatsoever, every Euro donated is contributed in its entirety to the project.

Our guiding principle is: ”Life is a gift to be shared”.  

We have therefore chosen active solidarity with the many children who have been forgotten by society.

At its inaugural meeting on August 25, 2017, the members duly elected the following board to individually represent the association for all intents and purposes:

President: Prof. Mag. Benno Schollum                                                                                                                 Vice-President: Mag. Dr. Dominik Schantl                                                                                                  Treasurer: Eleanor Hope                                                                                                                                      Deputy Treasurer: Dr. Ulrike Loisel                                                                                                                    Secretary: Christian Sollberger                                                                                                                          Deputy Secretary: Brigitte Sollberger                                                                                                                        Board Members: Heidi Wienerroither, Horst Pollak and Ing. Gerti Baumberger                                     Auditor: Mag. Hartwig Allmaier and Ing. Alois Sauseng

Statutes of Incorporation May 8, 2017: Download (pdf)  

ZVR-NUMBER: 1011225916