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Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our school

Our school, with English as its medium of instruction, endeavours to provide an eco-friendly atmosphere for the integral development of multiple skills of the student by maintaining global standards.

We will strive to achieve growth in the mind, spirit and body of the children. The school will offer classes from Kindergarten to Class 5 and continue up to Class 10. We will give our pupils the best possible preparation for their future in a rapidly changing, globally connected world.

Our school nurtures, challenges and inspires our pupils to be creative and innovative thinkers, individuals who will thrive and make a positive impact in a complex and changing world, where nonetheless tolerance, decency and fairness are at the heart of our actions.


We believe that children should love going to school. We achieve this by fulfilling five simple but very important criteria:

  • Education is the development of the child as a whole – forming character, developing strengths, manners, skill and confidence, not merely transferring knowledge.
  • The focus is positive, highlighting ability and talent, as opposed to focusing on limitations.
  • Learning is the product of investigation and experimentation. Through innovative teaching, we encourage independence and resilience, whilst developing a critical, questioning mind.
  • Every child deserves individual and personal attention to their academic and pastoral development.Every effort will be made to ensure that each child feels safe, happy, healthy and is able to achieve.
Communication, mutual respect and understanding are prerequisites for successful learning. This, combined with fluency in English, is the best possible preparation for the future in a globally connected world.

Our Mission

Inspiring and challenging young minds in a caring and committed community to achieve excellence, assume responsibility and pursue life-long learning.

Salient Features of our School:

  • CBSE Syllabus
  • Flip learning methodology
  • Value based education
  • Extensive library and smart classes
  • Dedicated professional faculty
  • Concept orientated innovative teaching methods
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Special opportunities to interact with foreign students
  • Promotion of a healthy competitive spirit through a house system
  • English Lab with audio and video support
  • Meditation during Assembly to encourage the acquisition of moral and spiritual awareness and strength


  • 21st Century internet age digital learning
  • eco-friendly, lush green, litter-free and spacious campus
  • Modern buildings designed with spacious rooms,
  • Easily reachable, serene campus conducive to undistracted learning
  • Large playground with swings, slides, volleyball, shuttle courts and other sport and athletic facilities.
  • Availability of mineral water, parking facility, etc.
  • Campus equipped with CCTV camera, fire alarms, security guards.

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Staff Room
Sports Grounds
Restrooms for Boys
Restrooms for Girls
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